Chondrocyte: located in the cartilage lacuna. The naive chondrocytes are located on the surface of the cartilage tissue. They are 
single-distributed, small in size, and elliptical. The long axis is parallel to the cartilage surface. The deeper the chondrocyte 
volume increases in a round shape, and the nucleus is round or oval. , staining shallow, cytoplasmic weak basophilic, a common 
number of lipid droplets. Mature chondrocytes are distributed in 2 to 8 groups in the cartilage lacuna. These chondrocytes are 
proliferated by the same mother cell and are called homologous cell populations. Under electron microscopy, the chondrocytes have 
protrusions and wrinkles, and the cytoplasm has a large number of rough endoplasmic reticulum and a developed Golgi complex and a 
small amount of mitochondria. In tissue sections, chondrocytes contract to an irregular shape with large cavities between the 
cartilage sac and the cells.

Autologous chondrocytes were purified and amplified by GTP laboratory experts and transplanted to the site of articular cartilage 
defects. These high-quality artificially cultivated chondrocytes quickly help the joints to repair, which can promote the growth of 
new healthy cartilage without showing side effects.