Future prospects

Cell therapy will be the new pillar of future medical care
The rising incidence of chronic diseases and cancer has become a driving factor in market development. 
The existing cell therapy products on the market are based on autologous cells and allogeneic cells, 
which can be used for personalized treatment, and thus the clinical demand is increasing. The world has 
entered the era of cell therapy, and cell therapy will become a new pillar of future medical care.

In terms of market size, cell therapy applications range from cancer treatment, wound repair, nerve repair 
to medical aesthetic applications. In addition, with the increasing incidence of diseases such as genetic diseases, 
the demand for cell technology in clinical treatment is increasing, and with the gradual liberalization and 
improvement of policies, the cell therapy market has ushered in a favorable period of development.

 Yushen Orbits CO,LTD.also continues to innovate and enhance its own research and development capabilities. 
It is expected that in addition to continuing clinical trials and increasing domestic cooperation partners 
in the next few years, it will also actively deploy the world, look forward to it and abroad. The company 
cooperated to make the company a globalization.