GTP Lab
Yushen Orbits CO., committed to promoting Taiwan's cancer immune cell therapy 
and creating ultra-high-standard laboratories in accordance with 
Good Tissue Practice (GTP) 
to produce a variety of medical cancer-compliant grades. Qualified cell preparation.

All software and hardware in the cell laboratory strictly comply with the requirements 
of the GTP specification. The GTP specification laboratory has standard specifications 
for environmental conditions such as “dust-free”, “aseptic”, “constant temperature”
, “constant humidity” and “positive pressure”. All laboratory personnel are required 
to undergo rigorous training and do comply with standard operating procedures to comply with 
GTP specifications.

GTP Labs of  Yushen Orbits  Co., Ltd. meets the following requirements:
(1) Design and construction of GTP laboratory.
(2) High specification dust-free environment space.
(3) Laboratory personnel are qualified for training and sterile disinfection before the experiment to reduce 
the possibility of pollution.
(4) The laboratory air conditioning system adopts positive pressure, constant temperature and clean system.
(5) All-weather working environment monitoring system, abnormal conditions can be eliminated immediately.

This specification is intended to prevent the spread of disease through dissemination or spread through the use 
of human tissue cells, and to help confirm that the cell tissue used does not contain any infectious agents and 
is not contaminated during the manufacturing process.