Business philosophy

The medical industry is concerned with the safety of the public and the safety of the human body. Therefore, our GTP laboratory (Laboratory of Good 
Practices for Human Cell Organizations) is very effective in the construction, maintenance, maintenance, cleaning, sterilization and operation of 
internal facilities. rigorous. And strictly require professionals to operate in accordance with the Taiwan Department of Health Food and Drug 
Administration (TFDA) standard operating procedures, and emphasize the highest human cell laboratory standards and safety guidelines

We are committed to high-tech companies in the research and development of biotechnology and the cultivation of cell preparations. We are a graduate 
of the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, the mainland, Taiwan and other places, and we have a team of experts and experts who specialize in 
biotechnology. Bringing the world's most advanced cell culture technology to Taiwan, and setting up a GTP-compliant cell culture and storage 
laboratory in the Inner Lake Science Park in Taiwan, using the medical resources of the red to implement cell clinical applications.

Quality management involves many aspects such as organizational structure, personnel training, and trial programs. The highest principle of the 
product is to maintain good quality and stability. Even if there is a slight flaw in the production process, the future may have a serious impact. 
Therefore, strict equipment validation is required, and quality assurance (QA) is necessary.The three major qualifications for equipment validation 
are not installed (IQ), operational verification (OQ), performance verification (PQ), hereinafter referred to as 3Q, and the company's equipment 
and instruments are fully qualified in 3Q documents.3Q can assist in verifying that the inspection system or equipment is properly installed and 
operating according to the operator's needs to ensure stable results under the standards of the Society. And transparently disclose our test report,
experimental results and cell qualifications. This salary is also based on the "TDNexLabs comprehensive inspection information management system
" developed by French Technideta company, which has ISO9001 and ISO13485 international certification, and the quality assurance is indeed.The 
company develops customized cell products, in addition to meeting the needs of unmet medical needs, improving the quality of human life and 
providing medical clinical use in the restoration of life, and popularizing cell therapy and products to create better quality for human beings. 
Life! Because cell culture and storage involve life safety and physical health, we need to be self-motivated, decent management, honesty, and 
commitment. Facing the customer's "sincere, positive, credit, pragmatic" is the culture of our business management